Sunday, March 18, 2012

Four Children

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As Jews, we are familiar with the tale of the Four Children: Their are four different children. 1 wise, 1 wicked, 1 simple, 1 who does not know how to ask. We must tell the story of the Exodus from Egypt according to the needs of each child.

As teachers, we can appreciate that their are many ways to understand these children. They might be four different children. Or, they may be four different aspects of one child. Take this interpretation:

Here, the four sets of shoes illustrate the four children as 1 boy in four stages of his life. Starting on the right, we see a baby who does not know how to ask, a young child who asks simple question, a teenager rebelling against his faith, and a responsible, wise adult.

Or this interpretation:

The ice cream illustrates 4 moods of the same person. From right, someone who did not feel up to asking, followed by the same person wanting something simple, then a day in which the person felt greedy and wicked, and finally a sensible and wise day.

When we look at our students (particularly those we see as wicked) as passing through complex stages and emotions, it becomes easier to treat them with compassion.

Both of these images are available for download. CLICK HERE
After you show them to your students, encourage your students to create their own set of 4 pictures that reflects themselves as the four children. A wide range of subjects could be used: flowers, TV characters, angry birds in various stages of destruction. The key is that your students try to capture of of themselves in their work, making a connection between their personal experiences and the Passover seder.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! This is so creative!

Aviel said...

This is a wonderful way to discuss the Four Sons. I love it! Thank you.

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