Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Mother’s Day  Projects
Ideas that will both educate your students and delight their moms!

Mother’s Day is almost here. Plan a lesson that will forge a meaningful connection between our Jewish tradition and this American holiday.

Spend time with your students reviewing the positive characteristics of a variety of our biblical and rabbinic heroines. For example:

·     Sarah-hospitality
·     Rebecca-kindness
·     Rachel-beauty
·     Leah-fertility
·     Deborah- justice
·     Miriam- leadership
·     Esther-courage
·     Ruth-commitment
·     Bruriah-wisdom

Ask your students to make connections between the traits of these heroines and the traits they see in their own mothers. For example, just as Sarah showed great hospitality when strangers came to their tent, my mom…

Their answers may be crafted into poetry or prose, and then transformed into a meaningful Mother’s Day card.

If you live in the Chicago north shore area, visit the Marshall Jewish Learning Center to use our unique “Todah” card die cut for this project (It only takes a few minutes to die cut enough cards for your class.).

You may also wish to include Hebrew phrases for Mother’s Day into your lesson.

In addition to cards, students’ answers may be made into a “crown of a good name” hanger that rests on the back of the students’ mother’s chair. The Marshall Center has a crown die cut for you to use. Write the poetry on the crown, and then embellish with sequins and glitter. Use a beautiful ribbon to suspend the crown from the back of mom’s chair.

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