Monday, March 26, 2012

Colors of Shabbat

This Early Childhood big book reinforces colors while teaching young children about the symbols of Shabbat. The bright, interactive book allows kids to manipulate pieces including a siddur, kiddush cup, wine bottle, candlesticks, challah and challah cover, and Shabbat flowers.

This book can be used with the whole class or small group to teach red, blue, green, brown, silver, gold, purple, yellow, and white in a joyfully Jewish way.

Click here to get everything you need to make your own copy.

The Pesach Pyramid; a functional, funky matzah holder

This project fuses Jewish content and student creativity together into a
beautiful, functional piece of art for the family Passover seder table.

To make this project, please purchase the Pesach Pyramid packet. Each
packet contains:

• the 4 names of Passover in Hebrew and English
• the 4 Torah passages related to the names for Passover, formatted to
fit into each side of the pyramid
1 set of FREE step-by-step instructions

Monday, March 19, 2012

My Big Book of Jewish Shapes

This interactive Big Book connects shapes to Jewish ritual objects. Children will love finding semi-circle shape that makes up the kippah and the cylinder that forms the tzedakah box.

Repetitive language, manipulative pieces, and bright colors have made this a long time favorite at the Marshall Center. You might read it to the whole class, or use it for small group work.

All of the pieces that you need to make this big book are available here.

This is great year-round book. Symbols covered include Israeli flag, round challah, tzedakah, Magen David, matzah, and Havdalah candle.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Four Children

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As Jews, we are familiar with the tale of the Four Children: Their are four different children. 1 wise, 1 wicked, 1 simple, 1 who does not know how to ask. We must tell the story of the Exodus from Egypt according to the needs of each child.

As teachers, we can appreciate that their are many ways to understand these children. They might be four different children. Or, they may be four different aspects of one child. Take this interpretation:

Here, the four sets of shoes illustrate the four children as 1 boy in four stages of his life. Starting on the right, we see a baby who does not know how to ask, a young child who asks simple question, a teenager rebelling against his faith, and a responsible, wise adult.

Or this interpretation:

The ice cream illustrates 4 moods of the same person. From right, someone who did not feel up to asking, followed by the same person wanting something simple, then a day in which the person felt greedy and wicked, and finally a sensible and wise day.

When we look at our students (particularly those we see as wicked) as passing through complex stages and emotions, it becomes easier to treat them with compassion.

Both of these images are available for download. CLICK HERE
After you show them to your students, encourage your students to create their own set of 4 pictures that reflects themselves as the four children. A wide range of subjects could be used: flowers, TV characters, angry birds in various stages of destruction. The key is that your students try to capture of of themselves in their work, making a connection between their personal experiences and the Passover seder.

If you use these products, please leave a comment and let us know

Monday, March 12, 2012

Four Questions Manipulative Poster

With Pesach coming, many students need to learn or review the four questions. Our newest manipulative resource allows students to:
1) Visually sort the questions into 4 parts
2) Practice reading the Hebrew with moveable word cards
3) Explore the meanings of the questions and add their own modern question

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Marshall Center Four Questions Manipulative  Poster

This easy-to-make poster is appropriate for any age group that is studying the 4 questions. everything you need to make the manipulative is here.

We also have a FREEBIE Passover worksheet to go along with the manipulative poster

BJE Passover worksheet [click on image]
Enjoy! If you use this in class, we'd love to hear from you.
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